I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great clients. Here is what a few of them have said. If you'd like to speak to any of them, they would be happy to talk to you personally about what it's like to work with me.

"The sessions stimulated me to excel and made me feel more confident and in control"

I’ve had a number of coaching sessions through the years that I have been operating at board and Exco level.  The coaching sessions with Claudia were the best I’ve ever had. They produced tangible benefits, to me and to my company, and stimulated me and energised me to excel in areas which were proving difficult. Claudia is very empathetic, but with a great level of challenge.  She is very quick to understand the whole situation, and to delve to the key issues, even though she has no direct experience of my industry.  Her insights were invaluable, empowering me to achieve better performance, improve relationships at work, and examine my own behaviours with objectivity.  We identified blockers and potential solutions.  The sessions were de-stressing and overall made me feel more valuable, more confident, more in control and happier! Overall, I felt I was empowered to do my job better, and more easily.
Executive Board Member & Head of Legal, Major Bank

"Claudia had me talking about things I'd struggled to articulate for years"

If I'm entirely honest, I did not enter into coaching as a true believer, but after meeting with Claudia I have become evangelical about it, but mostly about her. She is one very gifted woman! Claudia has me at instant ease and comfortable talking about things I'd struggled to articulate for years. Her ability to listen with sincerity and interpret my ramblings into something eloquent, simple and intuitive was seriously impressive. I found each session progressively more productive and learned some uber useful skills. I now feel confident in my abilities, desires and most importantly my options and plan for going forward.
Creative Director, Start Up

"I achieve more in less time"

The coaching was phenomenal. I achieved all of my objectives, exceeding all of my expectations. After each session, I returned to the office buzzing with confidence and the new new ways of thinking it’s given me. I feel happier, less stressed and more empowered. I’m much more assertive and direct. I achieve more in less time. I have progressed so much since I’ve had the coaching. The improvement in my performance and productivity with clients has been recognised and rewarded by my senior managers. Coaching with Claudia has also brought the clarity and practical actions that I had been wanting and lacking in my long-term career direction. I highly recommend her.
Account Director, Global Media Agency

"i identified my own strengths and how to play to them"

Being aware of your strengths has become hypercritical in today ́s complex world. Claudia supported me, asking the right questions so I could identify my own strengths and how to play to them. Her objectivity, respect, listening skills and empathy make her a great coach to anyone. 
CEO, Tech start-up

"beneficial not only to me but also to the people I work with"

The sessions gave me insight into how to become a more confident leader, increase my self-awareness and achieve my goals. Claudia has a great ability and enabled me to figure out my own solutions that I put into practice. The results have not only been beneficial to me but also to the people I work with. I would recommend coaching with Claudia for great results.
Executive Director, Global Entertainment Group

"to hold me accountable and challenge my conclusions"

My coaching with Claudia has been incredibly valuable and enjoyable. She really understands what makes people and businesses tick. I particularly value her insights, ability to hold me accountable, and challenge my conclusions.  The sessions have helped me focus constructively on my career development, increase my self awareness and achieve my goal of improving my networking skills beyond my expectations.  She is a smart and questioning sounding board on a cross section of issues.  She combines great experience with a wonderful straight forward style that puts you at ease and encourages you to deliver and be at your best, getting real benefit out of every meeting. The engagement helped me feel energised and focused on my goals and helped further my professional career.
Strategy Director, Global leader in Manufacturing

"She helped me approach difficult relationships in a more positive way"

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Claudia. She's a fantastic listener with great empathy and a non-judgmental approach. She helped me approach difficult relationships in a more positive way, see my strengths and play to them as well as structure my thoughts and create tangible action plans. Each time I saw her I found myself leaving with new energy, direction and determination. I can't recommend her highly enough!
Executive Director, Film Marketing

"understanding what really motivates me"

I found the experience incredibly valuable on a number of levels, including practical strategies to deal with specific issues, increasing my self awareness and understanding what really motivates me professionally.
VP, International TV Channels Group